Your business is growing as are your business capital needs! If you need help financing the purchase of new equipment to keep up with your pace of growth, Chemical Bank wants to help you!

Our flexible equipment loans are designed to help you finance equipment purchases so that you can put your cash to work in other ways. From financing the purchase of a new vehicle for your business to financing the cost of new equipment for your plant, our community bankers are here to help you make your dreams come true.

Ask Us!

What types of equipment does Chemical Bank finance?

Our customer base is diverse, and so is the type of equipment that Chemical Bank can assist you with. From manufacturing equipment make your business more efficient, technology to operate smarter, or transportation to deliver your product, we’re eager to talk about your plans and customize a financing solution.

What other sorts of financing does Chemical Bank offer?

Chemical Bank offers a variety of lending options, including SBA Loans, Real Estate Loans, Working Lines of Credit, and Business Acquisition financing.