At Chemical Bank, our first step in designing a group retirement plan for your business is to learn about the overall objectives of your company and employees. We want to offer the best plan design to meet yours, and their, goals. We have the flexibility to offer multiple types of plans from simple, turn-key solutions to highly unique packages that can be customized to individual employee needs.

We know that a group retirement plan is only a benefit to your employees if they know how to use it. We assign a participant education specialist to all of our plans to serve as a guide to employees so they understand the how and why behind smart retirement planning.

We don’t want to just offer you a plan, we want to be your partner. Our plans can include:

  • Professional trustee services

  • Full plan administration

  • Investment flexibility

  • Online account access

We have the flexibility to offer multiple types of plans including:

  • Defined Contribution Plans

  • Defined Benefit Plans

  • Single Employer Plans

For a complimentary review of your current plan and/or a consultation for plan services, contact the Chemical Bank Retirement Planning Center at (800) 808-5404.